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Teacher: Jennifer Zickuhr

Pukalani school teacher Jennifer Zickuhr threatens to kill students family

Teacher Complaint About: Pukalani Elementary School - Jennifer Zickuhr

Hawaii, MAUI
Author: Jim
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Jun 18 2017
Post date: Jun 18 2017, 05:53:31 AM

Teacher Complaint: Jennifer Zickuhr - Pukalani Elementary School

Been receiving numerous death threats from Jennifer Zickuhr, a teacher at Pukalani school. Jennifer had threatened to kill a student as a result of a complaint filed against her. What a sick bastard. Police report filed with MPD. She is wanted for terroristic threatening. Here we have a psychotic teacher threatening students families like a loser. You have been reported Jennifer. You and your buddy Jim

Address: 2945 IOLANI STREET - Hawaii, MAUI Phone: 808-572-9557

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Jun 18 2017, 11:10:09 PM
I find it funny, Steven, that you think Jennifer had anything to do with a threat against you.

As I've mentioned to you before, I don't even know Jennifer or any of the other women you are terrorizing online. I just see you as a total psychopath and see the crap you are putting several women through, so I've decided I'm going to be the guy to stop you.

Simple as that.

Your kid is totally safe. You, not so much.


Teacher In Complaint
Jun 19 2017, 05:26:32 PM
I don't know a 'Jim', however, I do know you are certifiable. I have no interest in you or your family, and your obsession is strange, anyone can see that. I have never made threats to you.

Steven Wan and Maria Reola Wan are mentally ill parents. Yes, they filed a complaint, two in fact. The licensing board wouldn't accept it as they sounded "crazy" per the investigator and it wasn't even accepted back in August. The second complaint was found to not be credible and closed by the School District last year. In the meantime as you can see on the internet they obsessively stalk and harass me. They make up false accusations and won't go away. I have a court order against THEM! I have police reports against THEM! They stole my number and called me with death threats and vulgarities. Maria T Reola Wan lost her nursing position at Maui Memorial for violating federal law and intentionally stealing my personal medical records. Police think they are crazy!

I live sandwiched between 5 MPD officers, so if I'm such a huge threat they know where to find me idiot. They know all about this situation and what a crazy you are. You should drive by, they are all waiting to meet you.

What are you going to do to me? Kill me? Assault me? You're just a crazy person who writes nonsense on websites that aren't real.

I'm not afraid of you and I will protect myself.

Anyone can go to linked in and see my legitimate reviews from my school district.

Leave me alone.

A Parent
Sep 04 2017, 10:46:38 PM
Jennifer Zickuhr should be banned from teaching

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