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Teacher: Laurie Fujitani

Punishing babies for using restroom

Teacher Complaint About: Ross Elementary - Laurie Fujitani

California, ORANGE
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: K

Occur date: Mar 10 2020
Post date: Mar 10 2020, 05:53:10 PM

Teacher Complaint: Laurie Fujitani - Ross Elementary

I wish I could say that this only happened once, but I can't. One day my 5 year old son told me that he peed himself a little during class because if he told Mrs. Fujitani that he had to use the restroom, she would move his behavior card down and he wouldn't get his happy face stamp for the day. Being a little kid, those things are important! Especially if you're like my son, who loves to make his mom (me) proud. I told him that if he gets in trouble for using the restroom that I would never be mad at him. So today, I get a message from Mrs. Fujitani telling me my son pooped his pants in class. Then proceeds to tell me she "encourages" the students to use the restroom during break and lunch and I need to talk with him about when to use the restroom. First of all, she doesn't "encourage" she PUNISHES these babies for using the restroom because she would have to pause her lesson for 2 whole minutes. My son felt like he had to poop himself because he couldn't speak up. BEWARE OF THIS TEACHER. My son couldn't even have a backpack because it was "too hard" for her to get them to take things in and out of their bags. Are you kidding me? I am switching him out of this class ASAP. She should be fired, and she needs to learn how to handle BABIES. These are not high-schoolers, these are fragile growing brains.

Address: 535 S. WALNUT ST. - California, ORANGE Phone: 714-517-8956

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