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Teacher: Wolfson Donna

Puts way too much homework and she is a bad teacher

Teacher Complaint About: American Senior High School - Wolfson Donna

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 10

Occur date: Oct 24 2019
Post date: Nov 04 2019, 04:12:34 PM

Teacher Complaint: Wolfson Donna - American Senior High School

When the school year started, I though that my geometry teacher Ms. WOLFSON was a good teacher until the time passed and I noticed that she puts way too much homework that it makes me so stressful and sad, she always yells at the whole class saying “Please hurry up ladies and gentlemen, the more time you take, the more homework you are gonna have!!” when the students are getting ready for the class, she gets angry and writes a referral to someone who didn’t do anything and that is so unfair. One day my friend was having problems understanding the content that we are taking, the teacher looked at him and she said “Do you wanna pass my class?!” my friend said “Yes, but I’m having problems understanding this” Then my teacher said “Well, if you don’t pass my class then at the end of the year you are going to summer school” and she even laughed when she said that and everyone in my class was so scared. She doesn’t even explain the content correctly and that’s why almost my whole class doesn’t understand what she is talking about.

Address: 18350 NW 67TH AVENUE - Florida, MIAMI-DADE Phone: 305-557-3770

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