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Anamarc College

Teacher: Anderson Hicks

RUDE!!!Cant teach.

Teacher Complaint About: Anamarc College - Anderson Hicks

Texas, EL PASO
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Oct 16 2013
Post date: Oct 17 2013, 01:26:19 AM

Teacher Complaint: Anderson Hicks - Anamarc College

This so called instructor is arrogant and lost. Embarrasses himself by insulting other students publically. Does not have teaching skills. The class looks at him like they are lost when he is asking a question expecting an answer. I have learned more about his cat then what the class is supposed to teach us. Socially unacceptable story telling, for instance....Did you guys know that polar bears have hair on their palms? Well the guys in the class will get this.. you mother never told you when you were little why you could get hair on your palms?

Left the class looking around wondering what in the world he was thinking. UTTER DISQUST !!!!!!!!!And this is professional? PERVERT!!!!!!Must have gotten a lot of bullying when growing up because now he likes to throw his weight around and intimidate students and threaten them. But like they say THOSE THAT CANT DO...TEACH...

Address: - Texas, EL PASO Phone:

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