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Jane Addams

Teacher: Ms. Neumen

Racial Discrimination

Teacher Complaint About: Jane Addams - Ms. Neumen

Washington, KING
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 8

Occur date: Dec 08 2017
Post date: Dec 10 2017, 07:45:54 PM

Teacher Complaint: Ms. Neumen - Jane Addams

Ms. Neumen is a History teacher at my School, she has been quoted as saying "Allies (White People) have to prove them selves Fish [To Black People]." The context of this is she was making a point about how white people where like sharks and people of color where like fish, and how white people had to prove they where not going to 'eat' them, or be racist.

I think this is overstepping the boundaries and is being straight up racist, especially by comparing white people to sharks and people of color to fish.

She has done other highly political stuff too, including condemning a christian that prayed before football games, and showing Black Lives Matter stuff everywhere.

I sincerely hope that this manages to stop her highly biased actions, thanks.

Address: - Washington, KING Phone:

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