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Teacher: Trina Jones

Racial Profiling by Hillary Clinton Wannabe

Teacher Complaint About: Green Valley Elementary School - Trina Jones

Colorado, DENVER
Author: Cory Parella
Grade: 5

Occur date: Jan 29 2016
Post date: Mar 16 2016, 08:36:03 PM

Teacher Complaint: Trina Jones - Green Valley Elementary School

I had been a Guest Teacher at DPS for more than a year. I had worked at Green Valley Elementary many times, most good experiences -- when Principal Trina Jones was not present. I observed her giving black males special treatment, denying disciplinary privileges to her teachers. In 2015, 15 teachers walked. On Jan 29, I entered that school, Ms Frias class -- she seemed like a good teacher overwhelmed by a class stocked with bullies -- and after trying to instill some "fun and order", the bullies became physically hostile. I never touched a child -- one body checked me. Trina Jones is a controlling power-hungry politician who wants credit for being the Caucasian principal who 'saves' the violent black youth in her school. I was there maybe 45 minutes, but long enough to be assaulted by a 5th grader and then accused of wrong doing by the culprit's classmates. Local police found the accusations baseless -- I never got a call except for my own HR dept; they sounded disappointed that the locale police found no evidence of a crime except a student who assaulted a Sub. DPS is laying off staff. I was the highest paid employee of their Guest Teacher Pilot Program, and in the effort to reduce payroll, I was placed on unofficial unpaid admin leave. And then interrogated. My firmer bosses, HR staff Laneze Cooper, Yvette Morales and Lacey Nelson should all be fired. Parents: demand a new principal at Green Valley Elem of Denver. Unless your kids are the most violence of non-white students being marked as a special interest by a politician who wants credit for their advancement (ignoring the low-scores), your children will dread going to school there. Unofficially I was terminated for refusing to sign a false confession, and declaring to be a Republican. (DPS is largely Democrat -- Jones is an outspoken Democrat, along with her political buddy at Hi Tech, Amy Giles -- who does the same thing -- protecting violent Latino males.) I have since switched districts. I love teaching. Parents, your kids aren't safe under the care of these horrible, unethical, evil principals.

Address: 4100 JERICHO - Colorado, DENVER Phone: 303-307-1659

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