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Teacher: Mrs. Spencer

Racist Teacher get into trouble and Call In Protective Services in vengence

Teacher Complaint About: Will Rogers Es - Mrs. Spencer

Oklahoma, OKLAHOMA
Author: Sean Salas
Grade: 1

Occur date: Jan 15 2014
Post date: Feb 14 2014, 10:54:08 PM

Teacher Complaint: Mrs. Spencer - Will Rogers Es

Mrs. Spencer over head me a half Mexican male speaking Spanish to another parent while picking up our kids after school. I heard her say to my daughter that speaking Spanish is for CRIMINALS and is bad! I made a "formal" complaint in the office. The secretaries would only let me make a verbal complaint and told me that it would be taken care of.
Since that incident I have been contacted by The Payne County Department of Human Services. Someone has accused of physically abusing my four children and sexual molesting my daughter Maria who is in Mrs Spencer's first grade class at Will Rogers Elementary in Stillwater Oklahoma. I contacted an attorney over the matter and was informed that if the allegations were valid I would have already been arrested. I keep getting threatening phone calls from DHS and an officer Watts. My attorney told me that Officer Watts acts as The Payne County Department Of Human Services lap dog. He has called me and tried to intimidate me by telling me that I am going to go to jail and if I do not cooperate with DHS I will go to jail even faster as a sex offender where I will be killed.
I realize the KKK had a home in Oklahoma in the past but now I realize its still here and stronger than ever. During Martin Luther King Day, a blimp threw out pamphlets, about how to join the KKK, over Oklahoma City all day long. The blimp started its littering campaign during the Martin Luther King Parade.
Please someone help me before I become the next murder victim of these white collar gang members.

Address: 1211 N WASHINGTON - Oklahoma, OKLAHOMA Phone: 405-533-6380

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