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Teacher: Mrs. Bencini (worst Substitute Ever)

Racist substitute teacher

Teacher Complaint About: Northwood Elementary - Mrs. Bencini (worst Substitute Ever)

North Carolina, GUILFORD
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 6

Occur date: May 17 2016
Post date: May 17 2016, 03:41:21 PM

Teacher Complaint: Mrs. Bencini (worst Substitute Ever) - Northwood Elementary

Our class was walking to go outside. I must admit we were being loud and we were talking. Sounds common right? But how does Mrs bencini decide to handle this situation? Hmmm? Well she decided it would be the right idea to tell the class that we were acting like a bunch of Indians. Do you know what is even worse? Jessica Donithan witnessed the disturbing act of rascism and did not speak up. Mrs bencini is the most despicable substitute teacher I have ever had. When a student tried to confront Mrs bencini about her racist comment she ignored the child. Mrs Whalen which is our usual teacher couldntt attend school today and somone decided it would just be wonderful to ask a rascist woman to be a substitute. Today was the worst day of school I ever experienced and I am disgusted that a substitute teacher who is sopposed to be setting a good example would say something so despicable.

Address: 818 W LEXINGTON AVE - North Carolina, GUILFORD Phone: 336-819-2920

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