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Teacher: Amy Webb


Teacher Complaint About: Nordonia Middle School - Amy Webb

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 8

Occur date: Mar 26 2019
Post date: Mar 27 2019, 11:12:54 PM

Teacher Complaint: Amy Webb - Nordonia Middle School

So basically there is this English teacher who is very strict and rude. She doesn’t care what anyone has to say she only wants to hear what she believes and she thinks she is always right no matter what the student does she has to find a reason to yell at them as simple as asking her to repeat a question she will get mad and tell you that you should’ve been listing but in reality you just didn’t he’s or understand she makes small problems larger then they have to be she doesn’t even care what the parent has to say parent often times find themselves getting cut off bc she won’t stop talking about why she is is right she doesn’t give others the chance to speak and always I mean always has attitude with everyone. I have never had such a rude and inconsiderate teacher in my lifetime. So a student was caught copying homework answers from her friend but the work was 70 vocabulary word that they were about to look up the student lied and said she didn’t copy othough that was wrong of her later when in the phone with the parent she basically said weather she told the truth or not would not change the punishment and was giving the parent a hard time about availability for scheduling a detention had she been more nice and considerate like a normal adult that would have made circumstances better but it was very wrong the way she talked to another adult also the students have never gotten in trouble before this yet they were still treated poorly and everyone of her kids and even teachers complain about her there is much more that I could say she has done but I am not happy with this teacher st all and think she needs to be fired I have never felt this way about any other teacher if she really doesnt like kids teaching is not a good hobby for her she needs to get a new job other then ruining 8th graders day because I am fed up she is a terrible terrible teacher is you want the kid to work make them enjoy being there I cannot wait for them to get out of this terrible women’s class

Address: 73 LEONARD AVE - Ohio, SUMMIT Phone: 330-467-0584

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