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Teacher: Mrs. Wade

School supplies

Teacher Complaint About: Bob Graham Educational Center - Mrs. Wade

Author: Ashley Mulens
Grade: 3

Occur date: Jan 11 2017
Post date: Jan 11 2017, 08:20:44 PM

Teacher Complaint: Mrs. Wade - Bob Graham Educational Center

I have no clue what to do in this situation. Situations like this have happened multiple times. It's becoming very aggravating. The way these teachers speak to these kids. Then they wonder why kids become so disrespectful these days. It's very upsetting to listen to my kid when she tells me her teacher screamed at her because she took a binder in her book bag and took it out in class to get her homework. My daughter has ADHD and she seems to be extra organized when she has a binder as for myself it's quicker to go through her stuff rather then check all her folders to see if I find homework. I understand the binder isn't part of the teachers school supplie list but it's in her book bag I don't see why it should bother anyone. Anywho,, is it really nessary to tell a 9yr old "I AM THE BOSS HERE AND YOUR MOM IS THE BOSS AT HOME?" Seriously, that sounds super wrong or is it me? I find it very disrespectful. For one, my child goes to school to learn not to work. I am not a boss, I am a MOTHER! Therefore she is a teacher, she is an example and she is there to teach and educate them not to BOSS them around!

Address: 15901 NW 79TH AVENUE - Florida, MIAMI-DADE Phone: 305-688-0352

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