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Teacher: Mr. Steffanci

Sexual Assault

Teacher Complaint About: Beacon Hs - Mr. Steffanci

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Apr 08 2011
Post date: May 12 2015, 02:11:32 PM

Teacher Complaint: Mr. Steffanci - Beacon Hs

I was a student at the Beacon High School. In 2011, my Physical Education teacher, Mr. Steffanci, sexually ***aulted me in the hallway after cl***.

I used to wait until the other girls in the locker room were done getting dressed because they'd wait in the hallway and I could change privately. So after I changed and the bell rang, I proceeded to go to the library to spend my free period, Steffanci is alone at the end of the hallway, towards the exit doors looking outside, and calls me over to him. At this point, all the other students are much ahead of me and running to their next cl***es. I thought he called me to reprimand me for not participating enough in cl***. He had done so numerous times. So I went to him and he said "Wow ______, you did a great job in cl*** today".. So of course, i was relieved and got happy and then he started going on and on about basketball (what we were doing in cl***) and then because at this point, we talking side by side looking at the window, he reaches over me to side-hug me and then he lowers his hand to my butt. I guess start blushing or whatever because I felt extremely violated and he asked me if I liked it as he continued to rub his hand up and down my butt THEN he noticed I wasn't wearing a belt so he slid his band down my pants and touched my underwear. I was shocked so my reaction was immediate. I kind of pulled away and walked away quickly.. I didn't go to school at all the following week because I was extremely afraid. After I returned to school, his attitude grew cold with me and I failed the last quarter because I never participated in PE again. I even skipped cl*** a few times.

I told no one until last year, but now I want something to be done about it or at least someone to know. I was sexually har***ed and it tormented me and still does. I feared for my life until I started seeking help in 2013 (though I never named my ***ailant). How many other girls did he do this to? I want everyone to know what a sick, evil man he is. I'm not sure if he still teaches at the school, or even at all, but please know that he is a sexual predator.

Also, I am shocked and confused as to WHY there were no security guards around or even HOW this wasn't caught on tape. Literally, how are they running that school? Does this happen more frequently but no one knows about it due to the lack of security? I question BHS in regards to the possible other students who have, or sadly will, experience this.

Address: 101 MATTEAWAN ROAD - New York, DUTCHESS Phone: 845-838-6980

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