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Teacher: Rhonda Coleman

She Grades us based on God.

Teacher Complaint About: Fayetteville High School - Rhonda Coleman

West Virginia, FAYETTE
Author: Rhonda's "settlers"
Grade: 10

Occur date: Feb 06 2017
Post date: Feb 06 2017, 05:37:46 PM

Teacher Complaint: Rhonda Coleman - Fayetteville High School

At Fayetteville High School we have handfulls of good and bad teachers, and even through the absolute worst teachers (we're talking teachers who sold drugs during school too), never have I ever had a teacher who truly thinks she's helping us when she hasn't done a single thing other than shop on ebay during every-single-class. We've always had issues and usually looked past them as students, but their came a tipping point for myself and a few others when we couldn't get 100/100 on participation because we weren't God, instead everyone would receive the same low 90 (this really affected some of our grades). Also she never puts a single grade in online until midterms or the end of the 9 weeks, so by the time we see what our grade is it's too late to try and turn in extra credit or reason with her at all (this cost someone in my class valedictorian). Lets not even bring up the piles of work she gives us and NEVER grades. She just sort of flips through them and based on how much she likes you is how close you cam get to another 90/100. After getting tired of these conditions myself and a few other students went to the principle and complained about participation points and putting grades in. The very next day we got a text a very upset Rhonda saying "Settle. For, More!". She spent her entire night typing up new list of rules for US to follow, she took away all our "privledges" and drowned us in even more work. People have F's in her class, a student today skipped school because she was trying to get work done, everyone tries managing their schedule but still usually ends up having no choice but to do it in another class which is a shame because we can't listen to the other teachers who are actually teaching. And finally, get this, we haven't even finished reading the chapters in our unit and she's making the test tomorrow stating that "you'll just have to guess", soon after that class she texted us saying that anyone who's considering to refuse taking the test tomorrow will get written up for instaburdination. We're all just kind of atuck because we'd like to have a conversation with the teacher so we can work things out otherwise a few of us will all be going to the board and Rhonda's not going to like that.

Address: 515 W MAPLE AVE - West Virginia, FAYETTE Phone: 304-574-0560

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FAYETTE County Schools teachers bullying and screaming,not wanting to teach/suspensions for petty incidences!!

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