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Teacher: Mr.min

Singled me out!

Teacher Complaint About: Edgewood Middle School - Mr.min

Illinois, LAKE
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 8

Occur date: May 09 2016
Post date: May 09 2016, 12:18:54 PM

Teacher Complaint: Mr.min - Edgewood Middle School

He requested the class to be quiet when he was grading papers. Still understand? good. So one of the other students talked and he asked that student to come up to the front of the room. Once there the student was asked to hand out papers. The student walked up to me and said that even though the name was illegible he knew it was my paper because of the bad grade. (I am thought to be stupid by my teachers and peers.) Once he had walked up to me and insulted me, I replied by saying thanks, bud. Without question, my teacher told me to go into the back room. This student is not favored in this class but I am singled out and insulted.

Another incident was when I said something about me getting a problem on the board wrong. The teacher Said that was not the first time and the whole class proceeded to scream and chant roasted. Nothing was done.

Address: 929 EDGEWOOD RD - Illinois, LAKE Phone: 847-432-3858

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