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Teacher: Joseph Hughs

Something needs to be done

Teacher Complaint About: Thousand Islands Hs - Joseph Hughs

Author: Rebecca Lowder
Grade: 10

Occur date: Mar 14 2011
Post date: Mar 14 2011, 08:02:25 PM

Teacher Complaint: Joseph Hughs - Thousand Islands Hs

To whom it may concern,

I Have Five different complaints against the Dean Of students at Thousand Island high school.No child of any race ethnicity or gender should be treated differently or singled out for any reason.

I will start with the lunch monitor doubling up her fist at my daughter
last year and said that she was going to punch her.My daughter reported it to the dean of students and was called a liar.I was called to come to the school and was told that my daughter was lying.It was reviewed and it was proven my daughter was telling the truth.Nor I or my daugther were apologized to and nothing was done about the lunch monitor.

My daugther had also been bullied by a girl for over a year.She finally had gotten sick of the bullying when the girl pushed her she defended herself.She was suspended from school and i was informed by the dean that it is school policy that if any students who are caught fighting would get suspended.That was not the case.Other students that also got caught fighting only ended up getting a lunch detention or an after school detention. It is unfair that she gets singled out.

Another complaint is that once again my daughter got suspended. She was suspended for saying a sware word. She was suspended by the dean of students.Other kids have said the same word and worse and he always says that he didnt hear them. He has also said the same word when he is talking with my daughter. I was finally able to talk to the principal of the school and he informed me that students who use that kind of language would get warnings before being suspended and my daughter never got a warning it was just your suspended.

also Why a senior that graduated last year is able to come to the school and harrass my daughter.They used to be friends at one point. then they started to argue through text message one weekend,He ended up calling the police.The police had come to my house and informed us that the two of them not to contact eachother any longer and that if he should show up to the school for my daughter to report him to the office
I have told the dean of stundents and it was relayed to the principal when he had called that monday.I spoken to the dean of students on many occasions about this situation and have been given the run around everytime the last time i spoke to the dean of students he was very rude,impolite and hostile he told me that i have problems and that the young man can come to ths school whenever he wants.So then i spoke with the principal he had told me that he would take care of it,but the young man still comes to the school and my daughter should not have to deal with him everyday after school.

Everyday she goes to school and kids bully her as of she is alittle over weight. They say that her brother is a fagget and they make racist remarks because her father is black.They even say sexual comments to her.It has gotten so bad that she doesnt want to go to school anymore. She has even broken out in hives due to all the stress. The schoo has not done anything to make the bullying stop. Everytime she will talk to the office about something it always get worse. Some how everyone knows what she has talked about on the office and the teachers should not let the other students in on everything they talked about they should just try and help make the problems go away. Everytime that i call and complain they say they will ahndle it and call me back and they never call me back. I feel that someday someone is going to harm my daughter and nothing will get done. The school has to change.

Address: 8481 COUNTY RT 9 - New York, JEFFERSON Phone: 315-686-5594

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