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Teacher: Applegarth

Something needs to be done

Teacher Complaint About: Springfield High School - Applegarth

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 11

Occur date: Aug 25 2011
Post date: May 25 2012, 04:25:27 AM

Teacher Complaint: Applegarth - Springfield High School

This teacher is easily the worst teacher I have ever had. She's sarcastic, condescending, and unfair. For example, on the tests she gives, around 40% of the questions are biased. So basically, she can make up her own answers that most of the class misses. Basically, she says, "What literary term is BEST represented in the phrase below." This question would be fair if there was only one possible answer, but there are several correct answers. On papers, she always takes off at least one point to ensure that you don't get a perfect grade, usually that one point is over something very stupid, and that most teachers would ignore. For example, she took off points from several people for putting "N/a" instead of "N/A" on a test, which in my opionon is absolute rediculous. She always assumes you have something wrong on your papers. She came up to me and looked through my Works Cited page and after several seconds of looking through it she made the comment, "oh here, I knew something had to be wrong!" She has made my Junior year one of the worst school years of my life, and other students. No one ever stands up to her in fear of getting in trouble, so I am representing many peoples views in this complaint. I believe that something needs to be done about her, because she should not be teaching at the high school level with the types of material she requires. Also, these examples have only been in the past couple of months, these things have been happening all year long and no one has said anything.

Address: 2966 SANITARIUM RD - Ohio, SUMMIT Phone: 330-798-1002

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SUMMIT County Schools He did not work because he was getting fired or he was getting fired because he did not work.
SUMMIT County Schools Rude
SUMMIT County Schools Unfair Treatment and Harassment
SUMMIT County Schools Unfair Treatment and Harassment
SUMMIT County Schools Great teacher
SUMMIT County Schools Stares at other students
SUMMIT County Schools Bullying
SUMMIT County Schools Something needs to be done
SUMMIT County Schools Something needs to be done

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