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Teacher: Misty Huffman

Still No Accountability in Toltec District 22 - Ineffective in Day to Day Operations

Teacher Complaint About: Toltec Elementary School - Misty Huffman

Arizona, PINAL
Author: John Seroka
Grade: K - Bus: 7

Occur date: Aug 09 2018
Post date: Sep 13 2018, 09:51:28 AM

Teacher Complaint: Misty Huffman - Toltec Elementary School

On August 9, 2018, Cheryl Townsend sent home an ASIIS Patient Vaccination Summary that pertains to my daughter Laurie.

On that document Cheryl Townsend highlighted numerous immunizations in an attempt to state that they were either past due or needed. However that was not the case.

On August 3, 2018 when I submitted the enrollment packet to Cheryl Townsend for all 3 of my children each one was reviewed for completeness and the inclusion of a copy of each child’s current immunization records. During that process Cheryl Townsend advised me that each child was up to date on all required immunizations based on the provided immunization record provided to her.

After receiving this immunization summary from Cheryl Townsend with it’s comments and notes I contacted Cheryl Townsend at the school and reminded her that I provided and submitted a copy of my child’s full and complete Administrative Immunization Record from my child’s pediatrician which shows that all shots have been given to my child and was told the state did not show this to be the case and she is just doing her job as instructed by the principal Misty Huffman. (Which gives the appearance of knowingly and intentionally attempting to create a false situation in an attempt to harass and intimidate a parent at the expense of a 5 year old student entrusted to her care)

I reminded Cheryl Townsend that we relocated here from another state and that Arizona’s records would be incomplete as any immunizations that were given before we relocated to Arizona would not be reflected in the states system and that is why a copy of the shot records was provided to the school during the enrollment process and suggested she review the immunization record to get the information she is seeking.

On August 28, 2018 I again received another copy of this ASIIS Patient Vaccination Summary on which Mrs. Townsend highlighted the same immunizations she previously highlighted on the first copy that was sent to me on August 9, 2018 and this time she also included an Immunization Screening and Referral Form from the Arizona Department of Human Services and the Arizona Department of Education stating that I was not in compliance of Arizona State Law and most notably Arizona Revised Statutes 15-872 and that in accordance with Arizona State Law I need to get my child these immunizations by August 30, 2018 or my child will be suspended from school.

On August 30, 2018 I contacted the school and attempted to explain the issue with the principal Misty Huffman and get it resolved once and for all as Cheryl Townsend completely ignored our previous communication on August 9, 2018 and failed to follow through on her due diligence with the immunization records which were provided to her on August 3, 2018 at the time of enrollment (in accordance with state law).

Initially, Misty Huffman did not even let me fully explain the issue and background and stated my daughter is due shots and if I do not get them she will be kicked out of school until she does get them.
I advised Misty Huffman that my child’s pediatrician assured me that all of my children did in fact have all required immunizations and none are required at this time. I again explained to Misty Huffman the same information I gave to Cheryl Townsend on August 3, 2018 and August 9, 2018 as stated above.

Misty Huffman still persisted with the fact that I was in noncompliance and I need to get the shots. I then explained it all again and how shot records were provided to the school at the time of enrollment and were given to Cheryl Townsend at that time.

Misty Huffman then stated the states system does not show that all of the required shots were given and that it would be my responsibility to ensure that the states system is updated.

At that point I realized neither Misty Huffman nor Cheryl Townsend had any idea of what was going on, what they were doing or simply didn’t want to. I then ended the conversation and contacted the Arizona Immunization Program and explained all of this to them and was advised that my daughter does in fact have all of her immunizations and the school is wrong in even sending that form home to begin with since a copy of my child’s shot records were provided at the time enrollment showing all shots have been given.
The Arizona Immunization Program stated if the school has questions they should contact the Arizona Immunization Program for guidance and advised me that guidance information and documentation is available for schools and school districts on their website to avoid issues like this and to provide guidance.

At that time I then contacted Misty. Huffman again and advised her of what the Arizona Immunization Program had stated and then she had a change of attitude and was more receptive to the issue and actually looking into it. She stated she would look into it and get back to me. A half hour later Misty Huffman contacted me and stated that yes, my daughter has in fact had all shots and that the issue was caused by the Arizona Immunization System not having updated information in their system. When I reminded her that a copy of my child’s shot records were provided at the time of enrollment, Misty Huffman advised me that the school does not need to look at those records nor are they required to do so and if the states system shows shots are needed then the form is sent home regardless. This however, is not consistent with the information and guidance documentation provided by the Arizona Immunization System to the Schools and School Districts.

I asked her if that is the case with children that relocate from another state and she stated, yes it was. She then went on to state she is referring this issue to your office to have the district contact the Arizona Immunization System and get the records corrected and updated. Which is not the procedure in this situation. The procedure is to review the shot records as provided at the time of registration.

I again contacted the Arizona Immunization System and advised them of what Misty Huffman stated and was advised that the Arizona Immunization System cannot enter information into the system and that doctors are not required to enter out of state records into the system and it is optional. This is why a copy of the current shot records is required at the time a student is registered and the school should have reviewed these before sending the form home or before making a tentative decision on suspending my daughter before accurately, fully and correctly following policy, procedure, state laws and requirements. This is another example of how Misty Huffman is ineffective in her position.

I am requesting a full, thorough, complete unbiased and independent investigation into this catastrophic failure of Misty Huffman’s office and full corrective action to be taken as well as any discipline since her willingness to initially look into anything or seek out any guidance was clearly willful and intentional to lead to a pre determined outcome and even instructed Cheryl Townsend not to use the shot records as provided and to disregard them instead.

John Seroka

Address: 3315 N. TOLTEC RD. - Arizona, PINAL Phone: 520-466-2400

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