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Teacher: The Principal

Student safety

Teacher Complaint About: Oneco Elementary School - The Principal

Florida, MANATEE
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 1 - Bus: N/A

Occur date: Feb 02 2012
Post date: Mar 05 2012, 03:18:49 AM

Teacher Complaint: The Principal - Oneco Elementary School

I'm just a concerning parent of my child safety. My daughter has been coming home from school and complaining about a male classmate of her who is acting very violent in class (Ms. Revard classroom). She's complaining to us about when the male classmate gets mad he flipped tables and desks in the classroom, and hitting teachers when they tried to calm him down. The kid did this incident several times on different day and finally got suspended. My wife called the teacher (Ms. Revard) to find out what is going on with this kid acting so violently. The teacher said that the school is working very hard with the kid and his parent in order to control these violent act. The kid returned to school from his suspension and acted in the same violent manner, got suspended again. on 2/29/12 the kid was instructed by a math teacher to sit in a particular desk and he got mad and flipped the desk and hit the teacher when she was trying to control him. My daughter said all the rest of the kids had to migrated to a corner of the class for protection. On 3/1/12 my wife called the school and talk with the principal on behalf on our daughter's safety. The principal told my wife that he has a right to his education and there's nothing she can do about it right now. My wife replied to the principal that he has a right to his education and my daughter has a right to feel safe while in school. My wife also mentioned to the principal then "you guy won't do anything to fix this problem until and pencil ended up in a kid neck or he thrown a chair on a kid and broke a bone"' The principal replied to my wife that they placed an "extra teacher" in the classroom for him, wow. My wife and I are very concern for our daughter's safety and we do not want a pencil ended on in our daughter's neck or get hit by a chair. As stated in the

You are expected to behave during the time you are at school, at school activities, at the
school bus stop and on the school bus. You may be disciplined if you do anything during
those times or attempt to do anything that violates a school rule or that may:
• Hurt, harass or threaten others,
• Damage property,
• Disrupt class, school or a school activity,
• Be dishonest or
• Violate a criminal law or state statute.
You may be subject to discipline for violation of the Code even if your conduct occurs off
campus, but is connected to activities or incidents that occurred on campus or at a school
activity, or conduct that, regardless of where it occurs, is directed at a Board official or
employee, or the property of such official or employee.
Specific Acts
Listed below are some acts that fall within the five types of misconduct. These acts are not
the only ones that may result in discipline. They are only examples. Other acts that are not
listed below may result in discipline if you should have known that the act might: hurt,
harass or threaten others; damage property; disrupt class, school or a school activity; be
dishonest; or violate a criminal law or state statute.
Acts that may result in discipline include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Arson
2. Blackmail
3. Bullying
4. Cheating (Teacher shall also record a “zero” for each act of cheating.) Cheating includes
plagiarism (presenting someone else’s work as your own).
5. Dating violence or abuse
6. Defiance
7. Disorderly Conduct
8. Extortion
9. Failure to give correct name
10. Failure to answer school officials’ questions
11. Falsifying or altering records (for example, computer records or attendance notes)
12. Fighting
13. Fireworks, possession or use
14. Gambling
15. Gang participation or display of gang-like behavior, clothing or jewelry
16. Harassment
17. Hazing
18. Hitting someone
19. and the list goes on.

For the safety of our daughter and the rest of the kids, something need to get done before its too late. WARNING.

Address: 5214 22ND STREET COURT, E - Florida, MANATEE Phone: 941-751-7018

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