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Ascent Academies of West Jordan

Teacher: Carley Ketcham

Students set up for failure.

Teacher Complaint About: Ascent Academies Of West Jordan - Carley Ketcham

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 2

Occur date: Jan 14 2019
Post date: May 14 2019, 10:55:14 AM

Teacher Complaint: Carley Ketcham - Ascent Academies Of West Jordan

I reached out to this teacher over a dozen times throughout the year asking about how to keep up on grades and why test scores were coming back so low and grades were slipping from the very beginning of the year. Assignments weren't even available online to be reprinted until January. I repeatedly had meetings, conversations, emails back and forth asking if my child needed extra help or how we could get her grades up. She simply reassured me that my child was bright and understood the concepts and that her grades simply did not reflect her abilities. I told her that test scores being low clearly means there's a disconnect. She tried to blame it on homework not being turned in. When we got on top of that issue, the grades were still slipping and it was clear to me that something wasn't clicking but she seemed so nonchalant the entire year and said it's okay because she understands the concepts. As if I shouldn't be worried about the actual grades being recorded each term.. I couldn't get any help with my child all year and because of it, she has 60% in each subject and I fear she will be behind next year.

Ascent Academies of West Jordan - SCHOOL INFORMATION:
Address: - Utah, SALT LAKE Phone:

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