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San Felipe Del Rio Cisd

Teacher: Superintendent Kelt Cooper

Superintendent Kelt Cooper & Assistant Superintendent Deputy Jon Orozco Violated School Policy, Formal Complaint To Be Filed With The Texas Education Agency (TEA) Hundreds Of Students At Risk Of Not Being Promoted To Next Grade!!

Teacher Complaint About: San Felipe Del Rio Cisd - Superintendent Kelt Cooper

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Jun 17 2011
Post date: Jun 17 2011, 07:19:26 AM

Teacher Complaint: Superintendent Kelt Cooper - San Felipe Del Rio Cisd

Beware if you have students enrolled in Del Rio, Texas public schools, or if you plan on moving to Del Rio, and Enrolling your kids in the public schools. Although more expensive, it would be a wiser choice to enroll them in a private school.

The Superintendent, Kelt Cooper, and his sidekick Assistant Superintendent, Deputy Jon Orozco. They have both violated school policy.

I have sent them letter after letter, asking them to evaluate my son. He possibly needs Special Education. They are required to answer those requests. They were unaware that I knew of the school policy, that requires them to answer my requests. They are used to taking advantage of the many people in the district, who have trouble with the English Language, or who have very little education. They even try to scare students away who are not desired in the schools. Google Superintendent Kelt Cooper.
As a result of their loner like attitudes, incompetance, and just not caring about real people, my son is at risk of not being promoted to the next grade. He is in summer school because he wasn't offered the help, or evaluated to see why he was not doing his work, or if he needed Special Education. I will be seeking damages, and requesting a special tutor be appointed, at the district's expense. This extra expense could have been avoided, if they had done their job. They are both paid together over $200,000 a year. The summer schools are full of students who were let down by this administration. In my case, they broke the rules, if you break the rules, you must pay.
I will be filing a formal complaint with the Texas Education Agency. I have been hesitant to file my complaint because we are scared of what revenge those officials will use to hurt my son even further. He is still in summer school.
I always encourage other people to file a complaint with TEA if they feel they have been mistreated in any way by these types of bullies.
I will continue to alert the public about these procedings, and other events that might turn up in my case, or others who I talk to.

San Felipe Del Rio Cisd - SCHOOL INFORMATION:
Address: - Texas, VAL VERDE Phone:

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A Parent
Jul 12 2011, 09:17:00 PM
The vast majority of this complaint is completely false. From the statements about wages to the functionality of the Summerschool. The district also has a highly successful program in transitioning students to the English language. This complaint is a great injustice to the City of Del Rio...
I encourage anyone who believes this whiner to google the school website for an understanding of the schools program....
This whiner provides no evidance or links to his claims...or even true specifics to his complaint.

Complainer chooses to remain anonymous (me to, won't lie) providing no contact information in the case readers may have further questions...
I truely hope he/she follows up on their promise to keep us advised of any progress thats been made...

Jul 18 2011, 11:48:23 PM
The fact is that many will complain about anything in Del Rio. I have read this person's complain about Mr. Cooper taking pictures at the border of students coming from Mexico to study in Del Rio. If that was true, which I doubt, there is no law being violated except for the persons bringing their child to study at the cost of the tax payers of the district. You must reside in a district to have your child study in one of the schools, its the law! I cannot believe this person's child is not given help because special ed students bring funds to the school! Title 1, subsidized or free lunch programs, etc, etc. Come on, if it is really that bad don't you think outside agencies would be investigating the problem? If this person's allegations are true then more power to her/him, but if it is just nothing then shame on you! Mr. Cooper has been called a "racist gringo" by people that think that doing the the right thing. All other allegations is Ad Nausea...

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