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Calder Road elementary

Teacher: Sophia Acevedo

Talks down to parents; is a horrible principal!!!!

Teacher Complaint About: Calder Road Elementary - Sophia Acevedo

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Aug 11 2010
Post date: Aug 11 2010, 12:45:35 PM

Teacher Complaint: Sophia Acevedo - Calder Road Elementary

Unfortunately my daughter went to her school last year where she was the assistant principal so there was not an issue. This year at the new school she is the principal. The faculty did not know what was going on during enrollment for students. When I became frustrated She told me to listen to her and then had the audacity to go from station to station and tell the other teachers I was confrontational! She doesn't care about her job or the students. She is rude and completely fake. I wish they wouldn't have promoted her to principal. Give someone the job who actually wants and cares about the students and has a professional attitude and doesn't speak down to the parents like we are the students!

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A Parent
Dec 04 2011, 12:09:25 AM
Our family has also had problems with Ms Sophia Acevedo at Calder Road. We have found her to be reactive and unprofessional. It is half way through the school year and her response to concerns about our child's performance is to transfer him to another school. Yes she has made that suggestion several times and said that if we were going to be "problem" parents and did not like the school and did not support the school we needed to go to a different school. NEVER in raising two sons and a grandson have I heard an administrator say these things and behave this way. It sends a clear message that she doesn't manage any conflict or criticism well and loses sight of why we have schools. TO EDUCATE OUR CHILDREN. Her actions this week cause me to wonder if she speaks to children the way she speaks to adults?

Teacher In Complaint
Apr 06 2012, 01:39:36 PM
She is not a good leader. She favors the teachers who have children at her school. She has no respect for parents who do not work there. She claims she wants parent involvement, but makes impossible for this unless you are a teacher. I am very disappointed. She never accepts responsibility, and blames the parents. She is reactive and unprofessional. She is a poor administrator to say the least!!!

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