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Spring Valley High School

Teacher: Tam Larnerd

Tam Larnerd principal of Spring Valley is a sex addicted rapist

Teacher Complaint About: Spring Valley High School - Tam Larnerd

Nevada, CLARK
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Oct 31 2016
Post date: Dec 31 2016, 07:45:43 PM

Teacher Complaint: Tam Larnerd - Spring Valley High School

He is a typical piece of scum CCSD administration. He has raped and drugged lots of women. He has herpes. He is an alcoholic downing bottles nightly while smoking weed.

He is abusive, a liar, and a cheater. Beware.

He shouldn't be around kids. He should be in jail.

He's a disgusting person and a sociopath.

Spring Valley High School - SCHOOL INFORMATION:
Address: - Nevada, CLARK Phone:

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A Parent
Jan 07 2017, 02:51:44 AM
I've heard the stories for years! He's disgusting. All women should run!

Carl Azuz
Oct 04 2017, 03:20:20 PM
This dude ate my ass and all the dingleberries on it.

Oct 25 2017, 03:29:31 PM
This man is a psychopath with major emotional issues. He actually has a 'boner bag' he keeps at his nightstand with condoms, vibrators, dildos, and viagra. He is obsessed with jacking off and does it all day long. His son Max is a rapist and was kicked out of Exeter for raping three girls. Like father like son.

Dec 12 2017, 03:57:49 PM
He has had sex with every teacher in the the las vegas schools.

Jan 26 2018, 03:23:37 PM
he is the hugest dick, not sure about his sex life, but I wouldn't want to work for this jack ass

Juanita S. Sanchez
A Parent
Mar 31 2018, 06:33:37 PM
this man is full of baloney. he talks a talk but does not walk the walk. the kids are not safe under his care.

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