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Teacher: Mrs. Tuttle

Teacher Bully

Teacher Complaint About: Northeast Tacoma - Mrs. Tuttle

Washington, PIERCE
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 1

Occur date: Nov 17 2017
Post date: Nov 28 2017, 03:40:37 PM

Teacher Complaint: Mrs. Tuttle - Northeast Tacoma

This is not just 1 incident this has been since the fist week of school. It is now 3 months into the school year and not ONCE has my child been able to participate in fun class activities INCLUDING art projects like making Turkeys for Thanksgiving with the other children or growing grass and wheat. Instead she makes him put his head down and watch the other 6 year olds do these fun activities. She continuously keeps him on blue or yellow which are the lowest colors so obviously you aren't doing so good but her reasons are absurd for instance he came to school late after an appt. and it was lunch time so they had him leave his backpack in the office and she didn't allow him to grab it afterwards so he didn't have it so she put him on blue(the lowest) and she didn't allow him to do any work the rest of that day since he did not have his stuff with him so that the next day he couldn't have his 2nd recess because he had to do the work from the following day. She has found a reason for him to never be able to have his second recess as well so thats another thing he has not gotten to do basically the whole year. She singles him out by putting on the lowest colors, the only ones that don't get you a jelly bean for the day so when class is almost over he gets to watch all the other children do that as well. Her constantly making him sit out of activities is another obvious way of her doing that as well. Over the past few months her behavior has made him go from having the entire class as friends to having no friends but now a whole lot of bullies because they don't want to be friends with the "bad kid" which I never 1 time been given an excusable reason for why hes being treated this way or always on a low color. I literally have to pull my son out the door as hes crying and begging EVERYDAY because he doesn't want to go. It breaks my heart and its getting me in trouble because we're late by the time I convince him to go. Its ridiculous!

Address: 5412 29TH ST NE - Washington, PIERCE Phone: 253-571-1388

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