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Teacher: William Archacki

Teacher Bullying and Inappropriately behavior

Teacher Complaint About: School 21 - William Archacki

Author: Shah Khalid
Grade: 5

Occur date: May 07 2014
Post date: May 07 2014, 10:29:56 AM

Teacher Complaint: William Archacki - School 21

Hello my name is Shah Khalid my son I will not say his name is in School 21 Mr.William Archacki class in Yonkers NY. Since the beginning of the school year my son has been singled out and picked on by this teacher. This teacher has made his life hell that I have to force him to go to school everyday because he doesn't want to go. When he comes home there is always a story he tells me about the teacher. Now my son is not an angel and does have a temper but never expressed his temper in school. From kindergarten to 4th grade he has never had any problems with any other teacher. When children in his class get into altercations instead of breaking up the altercation he stands there and watches. There were several students and parents of those students who complained to the board of education in Yonkers and nothing happened, This teacher also behaves Inappropriately for example my son tells me he passes wind in class throws food out windows and video records children in his class. I have complained to the board of education and the principal of the school and nothing has been done. There are many students and parents of those students who can attest to what I'm saying this teacher needs to be fired he has business being an educator.

Address: 100 LEE AVE - New York, WESTCHESTER Phone: 914-376-8435

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