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Teacher: Shira Hedgepeth

Teacher Retaliation and IIED

Teacher Complaint About: E E Smith High - Shira Hedgepeth

North Carolina, CUMBERLAND
Author: Austin Bell
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Mar 05 2014
Post date: Jun 14 2014, 09:55:37 PM

Teacher Complaint: Shira Hedgepeth - E E Smith High

12/2014 to present, recently, I turned in a report and submitted it. In an effort to bring my B
average down which really calculated to an A average; moreover, this teacher kept taking points for the heck of it when the vice president had already ordered here to extend my class date to March 10, 2014 at FTCC. She was already angry because a complaint was filed on her by me for being posted on a racist sight of which she at one time admitted she knew of it but then denied knowing, allegedly. I have "never" in my lifetime encounter such a hate filled person. She outright threatened me by telling me I needed to drop out of her class and I paid for this class with my money and as a consumer I deserve to complete the class. I could have a Harvard Graduate proofread my paper, but she would try to find a way to give it an F. In fact I did send my paPers to smart thinking and she just wrote ambiguous statement like your paper is muddled. She also throws subtle sarcastic statements in my paper. I did not drop out like she told me and got A and B in other classes but harassment affected two classes and that's why I dropped to B. I can't get fair treatment in the class. There should be better protection in place to help a student. Even when I had 21 As they refuse to credit me with an A, refuse to grade me the same as fellow students. They treated me with disdain exclusively differently from the other students by making everything more complex, lengthened, and extremely complicated, unnecessarily. They would have failed their own test.

Address: 1800 SEABROOK ROAD - North Carolina, CUMBERLAND Phone: 910-483-0153

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