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Teacher: Julie Perlingiere

Teacher Screams at Class for minor infraction

Teacher Complaint About: Owasso Mhs - Julie Perlingiere

Oklahoma, TULSA
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 12

Occur date: Dec 06 2016
Post date: Dec 06 2016, 10:37:40 AM

Teacher Complaint: Julie Perlingiere - Owasso Mhs

This specific teacher in question is a Chemistry teacher, and on the day of the incident, our class was being educated researching tactics by the school librarian.

At Owasso Public Schools, students at the High School may end up with classes at the mid-high and so are allowed to leave class five minutes (in this case: 8:50) before the general bell at 8:55. I leave at 8:50 as do many other students in that class. At 8:49, I, along with the other students, began to pack our things.

It was then that Mr. Perlingiere began shouting and yelling at the class. This is not an exaggeration; and I do not mean a stern, "Do not pack up before the bell". I mean a full-tilt diatribe on how we were not supposed to pack before the bell. When I managed to say that it was one minute before the chime, Mrs. Perlingiere scoffed and ignored it before forbidding us from leaving at the chime. After this, she continued to berate us in full view of the school librarian.

Finally, I will say that Mrs. Perlingiere is widely disliked and even hated by the students at the school. I have heard many other similar complaints, though nothing seems to stick.

Address: 1501 N ASH ST - Oklahoma, TULSA Phone: 918-274-3000

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