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Teacher: Rebecca Gardener

Teacher abuses her powers

Teacher Complaint About: Cincinnatus Es - Rebecca Gardener

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 3

Occur date: Jan 29 2018
Post date: Feb 01 2018, 04:28:57 PM

Teacher Complaint: Rebecca Gardener - Cincinnatus Es

This teacher, will start holding a grudge against a parent, usually because they are poor, then use her position to harrass the parents with unwarranted calls to dss that always turn out to be unfounded. She also encourages bullying of children she doesn't like, she makes even the best students want to avoid school work. She then asks leading questions every time she sees you to try and find some way she can make your life hell for no reason. She's reported parents for "not treating their childs cancer, when said child didn't have cancer, and she's overall ignorant and ill-fit for the job.

Address: 2809 CINCINNATUS RD - New York, CORTLAND Phone: 607-863-3200

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