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Teacher: Lewdrew Justyn

Teacher breaking school Protocal

Teacher Complaint About: Howe Avenue Elementary - Lewdrew Justyn

California, SACRAMENTO
Author: Deviyani
Grade: 1

Occur date: Mar 02 2018
Post date: Mar 04 2018, 08:36:04 PM

Teacher Complaint: Lewdrew Justyn - Howe Avenue Elementary

This all had happened on March 2nd, 2018, when I had just stepped out to pick up Brooke's prescription at Bel Air pharmacy around 12:10. Less than ten minutes I am receiving a phone call from my husband saying I should come home fast cause there's cops at our home. I asked him why?. He then mentioned that Brooke's teacher had called the cops on us saying that I had never reported the school about Brooke been absent and she had not showed to school for two days!.

As I was driving home, I had called Brooke's school asking "didn't I called the school this morning to inform the office Brooke's not going to be in due to her head lice?." The office said yes. Well her teacher had called the cops on me and lied that I never called in. Now as I quickly parked my car in the garage, I came really fast and saw two lady cops at our home. I was very upset about this situation. I explained the cops and even told them I had called the school on my way and that the school is still on the phone and one of the cop asked me if she can speak, I said yes and handed the phone, she took it outside and spoke to the principal. The principal said that the school rule is kids can be out for 2 days due to head lice and yes I did make the called the school to informed .

Then my husband showed my call log to show that I had called both schools that morning. Police officers were shocked and apologized to us, we even told them that the CPA person named Christina was even aware of it when she visited them on Thursday morning!. Brooke's teacher Miss Ledrew Justyn should have called the office to find out instead of calling the Cops on me. Miss Ledrew had crossed her limits and tried even to interfere at our families business.

I was very devastated, so upset, both my husband I felt very embarrassed and felt humiliated. After the cops had left I while being upset had called the school back and asked to talk to the principal. At first I was told she was in a meeting and the office took my phone number. Then less than 5 minutes the principal Miss Donna calls me back. She heard my upsetting voice and we had a chat, she agreed what Brooke's teacher did was absolutely wrong. The Principal even apologized and said she will be talking to the teacher about this matter.

I told the principal that the teacher crossed the limits and broke the school's protocal and we feel so embarrassed about cops been called on us. She is a liar and lied about me!. And we will be filing a complaint and take some legal action towards her. I told the principal that I do not feel comfortable talking the teacher anymore.

My husband and I will be going to the office first thing Monday morning to see if there is another grade one and request Brooke to be switched to another classroom.

We are also requesting if you can talk to the court and request the school to be changed due to all of this matter also due to long distance.


Address: 2404 HOWE AVE. - California, SACRAMENTO Phone: 916-566-2165

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