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Jefferson Early Childhood Center

Teacher: Cindy Roushar Clark-pre K

Teacher bullying other Teachers

Teacher Complaint About: Jefferson Early Childhood Center - Cindy Roushar Clark-pre K

Oklahoma, OKLAHOMA
Author: Susan Rene' Weeks
Grade: N/A

Occur date: May 15 2017
Post date: Sep 12 2017, 02:03:14 PM

Teacher Complaint: Cindy Roushar Clark-pre K - Jefferson Early Childhood Center

I am a former employee for Kibois Headstart and Mcalester Public Schools. I was fired fired from my position of 5 years for standing up to another teacher who was bullying me. I went to the principal and superintendent, nothing was done. On the last day of school I visited my class. The principal said it was ok, this teacher, Cindy Clark, jumped in my face and loudly yelling, in front of students, parents, and other staff, that she "wants me to leave the school!" This went on for at least 10 minutes. I told her I wasn't leaving and she goes in the school yelling at the top of of lungs, that she "wants me out of the school!" Everyone heard and and the principal did nothing about it. This kind of targeting/harassment went on all year and no one did anything to stop it. I lost my kid, insurance, 5 years on the same classroom because I stood up to a bully! Where is the justice in that??? It was extremely unprofessional and embarrassing to me and the school.

Jefferson Early Childhood Center - SCHOOL INFORMATION:
Address: - Oklahoma, OKLAHOMA Phone:

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