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City of San Mateo Parks and Recreation: Building Blocks Preschool Program

Teacher: Laura Swanson

Teacher called special needs Pre K student violent

Teacher Complaint About: City Of San Mateo Parks And Recreation: Building Blocks Preschool Program - Laura Swanson

California, SAN MATEO
Author: Antoinette Carrisosa
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Oct 10 2013
Post date: Oct 31 2013, 10:18:54 AM

Teacher Complaint: Laura Swanson - City Of San Mateo Parks And Recreation: Building Blocks Preschool Program

My child has special needs with a sensory procesing disorder and minor developmental delays. Her Pre K teacher Laura Swanson (who used to work in a "special needs" program for children) did not have the patience or the tolerance to attend to my child's special needs. My child has a few social issues displaying some awkwardness and minor frustrations while trying to play with some children. She is also unaware of respecting personal space at times. However this is not the case all the time or with most children she interacts with. Teacher Laura made it very clear to me that my child was unwelcome in her class because she needs constant supervision. She always complained about her and didn't have the patience or any kind of system to work with her. I was fed up and explained to Laura that I would work on finding another preschool program for my her. I actually never really felt comfortable leaving her in that program anyway due to previous incidents including my child wandering away from her class. What if she had wandered away from the facility? My child also just recently learned how to go potty on the toilet- so she still needs supervision in the bathroom, but the teacher is unwilling to cooperate with her. On Thursday October 10th, 2013 Laura called me while I was at work requesting that I come and pick up my child due to extreme behavior issues. I went to the school and saw Laura in the playground area with the rest of the kids lined up against the fence while my daughter was still playing on a slide. This display brought me to believe that Laura was treating her as some sort of outcast. She listened to the teacher when she told her it was time to go back to class - so that whole scenario just baffled me. I asked her what happened, and she said my daughter disrespected another child's personal space by hugging her too much. I asked, "Did she threaten the child or hurt her in any way?" She said "no, but she is scaring the other child". I asked her why she just didn't separate them. She said she tried, but my child kept going back to hug the other kid. Obviously, the teacher does not how to put a student such as my child in time out or redirect her. I was frustrated and very angry with her. I just told her that my child is never coming back to her program ever again. Then I firmly said "My daughter is not the only child with these issues". And she said, "Well she is the only student in my class who is inadequate and violent." This response was uncalled for. My child is in no way, shape or form "violent". She just turned 4 years old for goodness sakes! And her morning class teachers never have any issues with her displaying violence of any kind. They said they absolutely adore her and describe her personality as pleasant, sweet, smart, and silly, easily distracted, has some minor tantrums, but never "violent or inadequate". THAT TEACHER SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HERSELF. So I complained to her supervisor and manager. Hopefully some form of justice will be done within the next week as we have a meeting on Monday.

City of San Mateo Parks and Recreation: Building Blocks Preschool Program - SCHOOL INFORMATION:
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