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Teacher: Ms.ambrose

Teacher hates us and teaching

Teacher Complaint About: Harris Road Middle - Ms.ambrose

North Carolina, CABARRUS
Author: Jadyn Koranteng
Grade: 6

Occur date: Dec 16 2015
Post date: Dec 16 2015, 10:03:31 PM

Teacher Complaint: Ms.ambrose - Harris Road Middle

This is around the tenth time my teacher has said she doesn't like teaching us and this is her worst teaching year ever in 16 years she likes to keep students late and waits a few minutes after the bell rings and then slowly dismisses the rows she is always telling us and complaining that we don't have enough school spirits have she always says come on I want to win another example is at the award ceremony where me and all the other kids who won the outstanding patriot award saw her huff at the fact she had to go and sit there and look bored like she didn't want to be there she favors classes and students Once a lady came into observe her and some kids were acting bad and she just told them to stop doing whatever they were doing as soon as the lady left she started yelling at us and saying that she couldn't believe what we just did and that she would expect us to behave better when there was someone in there watching her and that we should be better students and at the least behave and after all she's given us and that she's been giving us so much kindness and all we do is give her this disrespect thank you for reading please send someone to help


Address: 1251 PATRIOT BLVD - North Carolina, CABARRUS Phone: 704-782-2002

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Kammy Ddd
Jan 19 2017, 10:08:52 AM
I find that this is not true because i had Ms. Ambrose at the same time as this report has been posted. She has been very nice to my class, always let us go on time, and she was always happy to see us walk into the class. She does not favor any classes or students, she likes us all equally.

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