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Teacher: Mrs. Kimberly Cormier

Teacher is Lazy, Insulting

Teacher Complaint About: Quiet Waters Elementary School - Mrs. Kimberly Cormier

Florida, BROWARD
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 3

Occur date: May 24 2016
Post date: May 24 2016, 10:40:51 AM

Teacher Complaint: Mrs. Kimberly Cormier - Quiet Waters Elementary School

God Help you if you get this teacher. She is lazy and is ill prepared to teach the course work. My son came in from 2nd grade, who was well prepared for a challenge by his 2nd grade teacher and all he got for this entire year, is a lesson in Arts and Crafts. Every 3 weeks you will receive a project, that was repetitive of the prior. She does not even have the tact, to change the dates on the project. Mind you, these projects are monthly word contracts - you will be getting the same contract, month after month.In the entire year, only 3 worthwhile projects were issued. 1 on kindness, 1 on Earth day, 1 on Social Studies. I am not opposed to homework, but clearly she is just lazy and does not want to put the effort in to challenging the kids.
Another issue, she is not shy about insulting a child in-front of the entire class. I know for a fact that one little boy was having it hard at home, and he was a bit slow in class, his work was not up to par. She proceeds to tell him, that if she was his mother, she would be ashamed of the work that he was presenting. SERIOUSLY!!! could she not have done that in private. The proper thing would have been to have a discussion with the parents about her concerns. Not insult the boy and break down his morale, and self esteem. A child comes to school to learn, its the time to build his confidence and his esteem.
Next issue - she recently got a new student that is a speaker of another language in her class. Obviously he will have some adjusting to do, because of the language barrier. He obviously had an issue - so again she stands in front of everyone and tells him, "This is America, speak American".
The funny thing is, my Pastor's son was in her class 3 years ago and he said he had some issues with her. There are many other complaints, but these are just the most disturbing ones!
What this teacher has done to her class is burned them out, with the endless amount of mindless projects. I have checked with other 3rd grade classes, and they are not receiving these projects and mind you with homework on top of everything else.
I feel my son has not gained anything this year, he has not been challenged and will not be prepared for 4th grade.
This teacher has no compassion for her students.

Address: 4150 W HILLSBORO BOULEVAR - Florida, BROWARD Phone: 754-322-8100

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