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Teacher: Mrs.tery Udell

Teacher is a bully that condones bullying by other students

Teacher Complaint About: J.v. Forrestal Es - Mrs.tery Udell

Author: Mrs.s
Grade: 4

Occur date: Jun 04 2010
Post date: Jun 07 2010, 02:40:37 AM

Teacher Complaint: Mrs.tery Udell - J.v. Forrestal Es

This school year has been the worst for my son,largely because of his homeroom teacher,Mrs. Udell. She decided the moment that we questioned some of her bizarre teaching methods,that our son would be her emotional punching bag. He has been verbally abused,accused of not turning in homework
(which has never happened--he does his homework every night)and she has talked about him to other teachers,within earshot of him. Anytime she is confronted with any of her awful behavior, she runs to the principal and claims that parents are attacking her.

In addition,there is a severe bullying problem in that school,particularly in the 4th grade and with students in her class. Our son has been the victim of some of the bullies and we requested that he be moved from her class to the other 4th grade,which wasn't done. We requested that our son be kept away from one of his chief tormentors
(who happens to be one of her favorites) and that request was ignored. Mrs. Udell has lied on our child,ignored him when he has raised his hand in class to ask questions or answer questions and has refused to cooperate with us,his parents, in any way. She is known for picking out students that she will torture emotionally in the classroom and for playing favorites. This woman should not be teaching,she should be in some situation where she cannot damage children's self-esteem. Prior to being placed in her class,our son enjoyed going to school and was an enthusiastic student. She has changed that and we are working very hard to change it back. If any of you out there live in Beacon,NY and have a child that will attend J.V.Forrestal Elementary,insist that your child not be placed in this miserable woman's class!

Address: 125 LIBERTY ST - New York, DUTCHESS Phone: 845-838-6960

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Teacher In Complaint
Jul 04 2010, 09:50:48 AM
My daughter's friend was in her class,she is a witch. She plays favorites and ignores the kids she doesn't like. She should retire(and go on a diet).

A Parent
Jul 18 2010, 01:40:40 PM
BEST teacher my two kids ever had and I can't wait until my third one gets her in two years. My child was in your child's class and I disagree 100%. In fact, I saw quite the opposite and am glad that my children get a chance to work hard and be all they can be as students. That's what school is for. I think there is a real problem and it's with the principal, Mr. Borrello, and his long-standing inability to run an elementary school. He does not run a tight ship. Ms. Udell is a smart and innovative teacher who challenges students to do their best.

Another Parent
Teacher In Complaint
Aug 08 2010, 04:23:31 PM
Unfortunately the complaints about this teacher are true. Our son and daughter (now in high school)had her as a teacher years ago and some of the same issues were raised. She has bounced around every school in the district and has actually been asked to leave at least one of the schools where she taught. We have been active participants in our school PTSO and we would not tolerate behavior like that from an educator. Also,it appears that the complaint about the principal isn't without merit. He was also at other schools,where he was ineffective as a principal.Maybe all the duds end up at Forrestal.

Jan 20 2011, 06:18:02 PM
I was in Udell's class years ago and suffered from a lack of confidence for many years due to her verbal abuse towards me. If Udell did not like a student she would victimize them and concentrate on those she did like. I question the professionalism in this teaching approach now I am more experienced in years.
Regarding Mr Borrello, I have no knowledge of this individual however if he had to manage Udell he should be awarded the congressional medal of honor.
My advice to any parent is do not allow your child to be in her class, she lies to authorities victimizes children she can not relate to; Is manipulative and has no respect for children what so ever.
The one person on this site that likes her is a very selfish person and not looking at the bigger picture, that her child was not the only child in Udell's class.
Udell should stop pretending to be a teacher and let the Beacon tax payers employ two proper teachers for the same amount she is now getting paid after being pushed off to every school in the district because she is so bad with children and authority.

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