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Teacher: Ms Dejesus

Teacher is mistreating my child/ Being unfair

Teacher Complaint About: Dumas Junior High School - Ms Dejesus

Arkansas, DESHA
Author: Cheleta Figures
Grade: 9

Occur date: Jan 30 2020
Post date: Jan 31 2020, 11:44:52 AM

Teacher Complaint: Ms Dejesus - Dumas Junior High School

I would like to file a complaint against Ms DeJesus for the unfair treatment of my child. It as not been just one day but there are many days that she come home and tell me that she has asked the teacher a question and she gets smart with her or doesn't answer her at all. Ms DeJesus will turn up her nose or something of the sort. My child has asked her to go to the bathroom to get paper to blow her nose and she would refuse to let her go, bur if another child asks Ms DeJesus would let them go. I don't know what the problem is with Ms Dejesus and my child but I am sick of her coming home complaining about the said teacher. There have been many parents complaining about this teacher. She is Hispanic and a lot of the children don't understand what she is saying and she would get upset with my child for asking her to repeat herself. I'm so fed up with this teacher.

Address: 315 S COLLEGE - Arkansas, DESHA Phone: 870-382-4476

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