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Teacher: Ms Diehl

Teacher making things personal and filled with hatred against certain students

Teacher Complaint About: Lakeside Elementary School - Ms Diehl

Pennsylvania, WAYNE
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 5

Occur date: Sep 29 2018
Post date: May 09 2019, 09:55:34 AM

Teacher Complaint: Ms Diehl - Lakeside Elementary School

Well through out the year our daughter was complaining about how the teacher treats her differently than other students. It is called favoritism. Over the year things got worse. Now this teacher was asked by our daughter to go to the nurse. the teacher said no wait. She said after I get class going. Our daughter asked her again and was refused to go to the nurse. Our kid told the teacher Ms Diehl that she fell on the playground and was clearly visibly soaked and muddy. We took pictures when she got home 3 hours later . The articles of clothing were mud covered and soaking wet. Now the school is saying everything my daughter did was a lie. She never asked 3 times to go. She was refused the ability to change. The teacher made her sit in class wet. I said if us parents did that you would call children in youth in a heart beat. yet you defend your teachers just like you defended the pedophile teacher in wayne highlands school district. Mr Friegaletto said he will not accommodate our daughters mental anxiety by switching homeroom teachers and science/math. The school refused so we are taing her right out of this school. This school is plagued with corruption and disobedience from staff. I was in this school and the teachers literally beat the crap out of students lie al present and j vinvuakenburg. Anyway now my daughter has serious anxiety(developed ticks and get pronounced every time she is asked about her teacher). .It is pretty bad when a teacher becomes the bully in school . Not cool not excepted and making my child wait in class till study time to let her go to the nurse to change.You now convieniently right before her last class so it looks good before music class. She is a tyrant and she should not be allowed by ids. Yet the school said everything our child said is a lie and I will not believe a school that shown me the worst of the teachers.I was bullied for 3 years by Ms Gill and Mr miller and Ms Maricheck two teachers thart were married that had a relationship with each other.I been called a dick by Ms Gill because I flipped out her favorite student stuck tacs on my seat., stabbed me with a pencil. So I stabbed him back with mine. She called me a little dick and go to the principles office. Leave this school (wayne highlands) and go somewhere else Please.This pattern has gone on for over 25 years I know of. I also signed my son out of this school for smashing my kindergardner (son) into the glass door by tripping him.I yanked him right out then just like I will do for my daughter. NOT A SAFE ENVIRONMENT!!!!!!

Address: 100 LAKESIDE DR - Pennsylvania, WAYNE Phone: 570-253-6820

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WAYNE County Schools Teacher not giving assistance when needed and a disfunctional school police

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