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Teacher: Michelle Gailey

Teacher not following school policy

Teacher Complaint About: Manatee High School - Michelle Gailey

Florida, MANATEE
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 10

Occur date: Nov 17 2014
Post date: Jan 23 2015, 06:49:06 PM

Teacher Complaint: Michelle Gailey - Manatee High School

My Daughter attends her first period cl*** and recently I had to take her to the Doctors on Monday, which is an excused absence according to the rules. She was informed on Tuesday that she was going to have two points deducted from her grade for missing the cl*** without the right to make up lost points because this is a group project. My concern here is the teacher did not give her a chance to make up these points. The school policy states she has a right to make up any work if the absence was excused which it was. I had emailed Ms. Gailey stating my feelings regarding this issue however the end results are still unsuccessful. Ms. Gailey did give my daughter back her two points back however now suddenly the other student that were in cl*** get two more extra credit points. I do not feel that a teacher should be creating her own "rules" and be rude to not only my daughter but to me as well. I also find it unprofessional for a teacher to tell what is also a “wise” use on my time. I wanted to bring this to your attention because I feel other students might have been or will be affected by her rule. These kids do not need to get punished for an excused absence!

Address: 1 HURRICANE LANE - Florida, MANATEE Phone: 941-714-7300

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Michelle Gailey
Teacher In Complaint
Mar 08 2015, 10:58:51 PM
Two words. Horrible teacher. Her students are treated like robots. Notes. Review. Test. Repeat. No worksheets, no groupwork, just her talking over the students taking notes (which she requires or sends you out of the cl***) like they can focus on writing notes AND listen to her lecture at the same time. The ONLY grades she puts in are test grades. If you mess up once your grade is done for. She has no method to her madness and her students suffer for it. Bring up her cl***es grade averages and you'll see for yourself. All of the kids hate her cl*** and for a good reason.

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