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Oakwood School

Teacher: Dean Sexton

Teacher who uses the N word and other racist speech

Teacher Complaint About: Oakwood School - Dean Sexton

California, LOS ANGELES
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Sep 20 2016
Post date: Sep 20 2017, 03:25:49 PM

Teacher Complaint: Dean Sexton - Oakwood School

Dean Sexton is someone who should not be teaching for a whole host of reasons. He called one African American student the "N" word, he referred to a Latina student as "my little illegal" (she is a US citizen of immigrant parents), asked an Asian student whether she spoke enough English to understand his tests or did he have to translate it into Chinese (she is US born and of Korean descent), and screamed at another student for being "so stupid" for a benign statement she made that he incorrectly interpreted as contrary to his religion. He is another science teacher at this school who needs to go. Many, many people have complained, but the principal shrugs his shoulders, says "I know he is awful" and says his hands are tied because of the teacher union.

Dean also seems to have some serious health problems and cognitive deficits. He frequently loses homework and other papers he needs to grade, and can't seem to remember the names of most of his students. That's a problem when he is supposed to factor class participation into your grade because he can't match the student who is speaking to the names in his grade book. He tried to write one student's name on the board along with a star for a good comment she made, but her name looked unintelligible (something like "zthv#@"). He is depressed, and openly talks to his class this year about committing suicide or having a heart attack at any moment. Seriously, something needs to be done. I feel some sympathy, but at the same time, why should his students have to suffer as well?

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