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Our Lady of Mercy School

Teacher: Cathy Turchetta

Teacher with Disturbing Academic and Self-Management

Teacher Complaint About: Our Lady Of Mercy School - Cathy Turchetta

Rhode Island, KENT
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 4

Occur date: May 14 2019
Post date: May 30 2019, 04:41:06 PM

Teacher Complaint: Cathy Turchetta - Our Lady Of Mercy School

Teacher Cathy Turchetta's approach to the academic curriculum and treatment of students is a very disturbing concern.

This individual exhibits teaching traits that are reckless. Turchetta's approach bombards children with examinations loaded with an inordinately large series of questions riddled with unclear instructions. For instance, a question instructs, "List the cycles of an internal combustion engine." Student lists the four stages: "intake, compression, combustion and power stroke, exhaust." Turchetta's methodology is to mark all the stages Wrong; each is Wrong because “she actually wanted” them in order from final stage to initial stage; moreover, “she wanted” the words capitalized. But . . . But . . . What? . . . What in the world? . . . The instructions merely stipulated, "List the cycles of an internal combustion engine." A poor child is left wondering what sort of discombobulation the teacher has ultimately dumped on him or her. This is a frightening scenario to say the least, for children and parents: We're forever left floating in an infinite vacuum, wondering if such a teacher isn't taking some twisted advantage of an architected ambivalence.

Turchetta also exhibits over-controlling, crude indiscretion bordering abuse. As it stands, students are afraid to use this school's rest rooms and are leaving home sick to their stomach because the toilets are littered with feces and what students call "toilet bombs," which are apparently wet tissues splattered all over the walls; consequently, there are students who are missing school altogether. Given this horrid context -- When students nevertheless request to use the restroom, Turchetta outright refuses and prohibits them from leaving the classroom or their seats, leveraging some mercurial excuse or the other. It is one thing to abuse the restroom privilege, skipping class or horsing around, but it is another matter to simply want to engage a natural biological function to prevent bladder problems, kidney problems, severe stomach aches, etc.

This teacher ought to immediately stop subjecting children to her cantankerous behavior.

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