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Teacher: Frank Deering

Terrible Teacher

Teacher Complaint About: Cortez Park Charter Middle School - Frank Deering

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 7

Occur date: Aug 04 2017
Post date: Feb 28 2018, 08:03:51 AM

Teacher Complaint: Frank Deering - Cortez Park Charter Middle School

Mr. Deering is the middle school science teacher at my school and he says he's been teaching for 8+ years, but his actions make me question that. He used to work with my dad at this homeless shelter, so I thought he would be good and he was my favorite teacher for a while before I realized what he was actually doing. I don't believe he should be a teacher. He gives us assignment after assignment every day. He would give us a project that takes two weeks to finish but says it's due in 2 days and then the next day he would give us a whole new project. When students ask if something is homework he always says no and that we would work on it the next day, but the next day we don't work on it, but instead start something new. We barely even finish assignmemts as a class! Also, he never explains the projects he gives us. He just says "Ok here's a new project that's due in two days and you have to successfully create a model volcano, now get to it." Another thing is he takes little things WAY too seriously. Once, I got an F on a project because I turned it in with a different project. I fricking cried. He also loves embarrassing people and making them feel bad. Another time I was presenting a science fair project and realized I had messed up on something, so I asked if I could do it another time and he said no. BUT EARLIER HE SAID YOU DONT HAVE TO PRESENT IF YOU'RE NOT READY AND I OBVIOUSLY WASNT READY! I cried in front of the whole class and had to leave the room. It was crazy. And stuff like this happens almost every single day and it gets on my nerves as well as other students. Thanks for listening to me rant about myt least favorite teacher.

Address: 3535 W. DUNLAP - Arizona, MARICOPA Phone: 602-589-9840

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