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Teacher: Stacy Mcclintock

Terrible teacher

Teacher Complaint About: Moorestown High - Stacy Mcclintock

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 10

Occur date: Jun 11 2019
Post date: Jun 11 2019, 01:25:29 PM

Teacher Complaint: Stacy Mcclintock - Moorestown High

She is the worst teacher I have ever had. She is rude, obnoxious and honestly seems stupid. My class has been tracking her absences since April 15, and she has been absent 14 times. This is a ridiculous number of absences, for a teacher, whose job is to educate us. She barely talks to us when she is there, let alone when she is absent. She never responds to emails about missed work and is never available for afterschool help. The only work we are given is busy work. She often comes into school too tired to teach us. There have been several occasions where she has "had a headache" so she turned off the lights and gave us a study hall. The lack of effort she put in is baffling. We have had an extremely slow reading pace in this class, we were going at the pace to finish 3 relatively short books this year. We were reading about one 15 page chapter per week until last week where she made us read 130 pages in one night and assigned a new book the next day. That new book was due, completed with a detailed list of notes for each chapter 2 days after it was assigned. She never planned lessons and was overall lazy. Any work we did could be found online, written by another teacher, including our tests. To add to her laziness, she gave us, her honors class the same work, tests, and projects as her on level class. Today she gave us a POP TEST on the book we finished reading yesterday. We never discussed the plot, let alone the themes. The test mainly consisted of random questions about Judaism that were never mentioned either in the book or in class. To be frank she isn't qualified to be a teacher and I pity anyone who is forced to take her course.

Address: 350 BRIDGEBORO ROAD - New Jersey, BURLINGTON Phone: 856-778-6610

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