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Teacher: Melissa Kerr

The least comp***ionate Teacher I have ever had

Teacher Complaint About: Esperanza Middle - Melissa Kerr

Maryland, ST. MARY'S
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 6

Occur date: Aug 08 2004
Post date: Aug 08 2015, 11:01:11 PM

Teacher Complaint: Melissa Kerr - Esperanza Middle

Mrs. Kerr is completely and totally the least comp***ionate teacher I have ever had. She would humiliate me all the time in cl***. I had a learning disability and she didn't show me comp***ion or understanding that I wasn't able to keep up or do the same things as everyone else. She yelled out my grade one time and said she knew I could do better, I started to tear up and she said "STOP YOUR CROCODILE TEARS" in front of the whole cl***. She would always say that. She didn't believe that she really made me cry. I also had a nervous habit of biting my nails. She used to purposely humiliate me and say "STOP BITING YOUR NAILS" in front of the entire cl*** and they would all turn around and look at me, and then make fun of me for it after cl***. Looking back as an adult, I truly wish I had stood up to her and not allow a teacher to bully me.

Address: 22790 MAPLE RD - Maryland, ST. MARY'S Phone: 301-863-4016

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