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Teacher: Principal Mr. Todd Luecke, Ms.emily Banach

They’ll watch your child be bullied “ because it’s not illegal” -Todd Luecke

Teacher Complaint About: Parma Community - Principal Mr. Todd Luecke, Ms.emily Banach

Author: Parent
Grade: 5

Occur date: May 29 2019
Post date: May 29 2019, 03:40:18 PM

Teacher Complaint: Principal Mr. Todd Luecke, Ms.emily Banach - Parma Community

All year long, my child who has an IEP, is constantly blamed and targeted for every issue that arises. Yes there have been some difficult situations, but even when it’s not his fault or anything he can control, they target him. Along with other children who are similar. He got suspended because a child put a tissue box in the window and my son was standing nearby and when the tissue box flew out of the window, it was my sons fault. There have been many situations of smart remarks, comments, jokes, from teachers about or to my son, and today two teachers stood aside and let another child pick on a little girl and my son in his words said “ come on dude just leave her alone please” , that’s when the bully left the girl alone, but instead started calling my son chunky monkey and fat over and over and over for several minutes while the teachers watched. My son lost his temper and pushed the child down, which I don’t condone at all. The principal called me telling me he wanted my son removed, and when I went to talk to them he told me “when they are 18 or older they will be adults and it will then be legal for people to say whatever they want and call names if they want, so we’re in a place where we are preparing them for that point in their lives, however what your son did would be illegal”. They could care less about the situation at hands, or the problems they were creating. They don’t care that bullying is happening, actually the principal said it wasn’t bullying. When I asked the two teachers who witnessed this, Emily Banach, and her aid I believe it was, they sat there and giggled to each other and smirked at me. The last time anything happened, The principal showed up at my place of work. This is a place that children are supposed to feel protected, safe, and cared about. This school is a complete joke, a waste of money, and a dead weight to the entire charter school program.

Address: 7667 DAY DR FL 1ST - Ohio, CUYAHOGA Phone: 440-888-5490

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