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Teacher: School

This School Sucks ASS

Teacher Complaint About: Richmond-burton High School - School

Illinois, MCHENRY
Author: Pissed Student
Grade: 9

Occur date: Mar 18 2015
Post date: Mar 18 2015, 09:18:00 PM

Teacher Complaint: School - Richmond-burton High School

This school is the worst I am a student and I do not honestly give a **** if they know who I am. This school has invasion of privacy for our laptops. We bought laptops that the school picked out had to pay 100% of it and these bastards have full control over it. They blocked inappropriate websites basically games at our houses they turned every safety filter on. We can not buy apps without their permission this school can go to HELL!! Same with all public schools. Go to Hell government we get the skimpiest ****tiest supposedly healthy food school lunches Thanks Michelle Obama. I hate this government bye

Address: PO BOX 449 - Illinois, MCHENRY Phone: 815-678-4525

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MCHENRY County Schools Falsely recording grades
MCHENRY County Schools Completely disengaged lazy teacher
MCHENRY County Schools Late and unprepared
MCHENRY County Schools Grades Unfairly
MCHENRY County Schools Grades Unfairly
MCHENRY County Schools Grades Unfairly
MCHENRY County Schools Grades Unfairly
MCHENRY County Schools Yells at All Students
MCHENRY County Schools Mistreatment and being unfair to students
MCHENRY County Schools Rude , racist , abusive , and plain out horrible
MCHENRY County Schools Immature, Plays Favorites, Poor Communication

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