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Teacher: Robert Coffey

This guy knows NOTHING

Teacher Complaint About: Mainland Reg H S - Robert Coffey

New Jersey, ATLANTIC
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Feb 01 2011
Post date: Feb 06 2011, 09:01:25 PM

Teacher Complaint: Robert Coffey - Mainland Reg H S

Ok, he is literally the worst teacher i have ever had. I learned absolutely nothing in his class. He's a bigot and favors the pretty girls and athletic boys. He's full of sh*t and thinks he knows everything about science but in reality, he knows NOTHING. I learned more in 6th grade than what this guy is teaching me this year. He has the worst personality ever. He says "ok" and "alright" every sentence and he picks on students. He picks on the asians and the over weight kids in class. He wrongly blames students for talking, but if one of his favorites are talking, he doesn't care a bit. He SCREAMED at the top of his lungs at me and I cried because he told me to get out of his room and that he was sick of me disrupting people, when I actually wasn't talking at all. He called me imature behind my back and lets his favorite students say and do what ever they please. This guy has taught me nothing and just because he doesn't like me, I've been getting 80's in his class. This is complete bullsh*t and I hate him. He's the worst teacher i've ever had and I asked 20 other kids, and they all say he's the biggest douche bag ever. Thanks <3

Address: OAK AVE - New Jersey, ATLANTIC Phone: 609-927-4151

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