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Teacher: School Nurse

This nurse does not care about the health of students

Teacher Complaint About: Walton Elementary School - School Nurse

Author: Mr.amador
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Sep 11 2015
Post date: Sep 18 2015, 06:36:30 AM

Teacher Complaint: School Nurse - Walton Elementary School

I was taking my daughters to school when I saw some students sitting at my daughters side with lice,I'm not the only parent who saw that.I approached the teacher to tell her she saw that the student have lice too,she told me that she is going to send her to the nurse.The next day I saw the same student sitting at the table still with lice,I talk to the teacher again and she told me that the nurse sent her back to the cl***room because she didn't saw anything,it is impossible I'm not the only one who saw it there were more parents and the teacher too.This nurse is exposing the other students with this she is not doing her work well.This school need a nurse to do her job well someone that do care for students health.

Address: 3409 WALTON AVE - Ohio, CUYAHOGA Phone: 216-961-1649

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