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Teacher: Al Gegenheimer

Threat to retaliate

Teacher Complaint About: Minooka Elem School - Al Gegenheimer

Illinois, GRUNDY
Author: Bermudez
Grade: 3

Occur date: Nov 30 2011
Post date: Dec 18 2011, 03:06:34 AM

Teacher Complaint: Al Gegenheimer - Minooka Elem School

My son, over the years at the Minooka 201 district, has been the victim of discrimination. And by default our family. During his kindergarten year, he came home one day to tell me that the school bus driver had hit him. At the time I filed a complaint with the school bus garage and Mr. Gegenheimer. The only answer I got was that I would not be able to see the video on the bus unless I had a court order and that my son would be moved to a sit in plain view of the camera at all times. he also added that he knew the bus driver personally for many years.

During his second grade year, once again I had another occasion to excalate to him an incident in the school. While picking up my son after school, one of the teachers informed me that I would no longer be able to pick up my son as a driver under the principals orders. I tried confronting the principal but he was nowhere to be found and give an explanation for the change. Mr. Gegenheimer at the time seemed to be helpful and had Mr. Hiser, the school principal, call me. Mr. Hiser tried to blame my husband door approving this change, fortunately my husband was present and was able to deny Mr. Hiser's statement. I was very upset and frustrated because there was no legitimate apology. Only and invalid excused since the papers sent to the school teacher at the beginning of the year clearly stated that my son would be picked up by a driver. And the change was done by Mr. Hiser towards the end of the school year as a form of retaliation because the previous day I picked up my son walking and did not call in advance.

This year, they decided to change how my son's report card comes home to Spanish. When I brought this up to their attention, the excuse was that my son's name was used to test the new report cards. According to the school they printed 5 test report cards and my son's surname being Bermudez was being the first five kids in the whole district. Interesting, considering A is first in the alphabet and a test print does not call for a last name in particular. In addition, my son is not part of the ESL program, not have I ever made a request for any literature in Spanish.

Also this year my son is working with a substitute teacher. During parent teacher conference she had nothing positive to say about my son. The sub told me that he neede additional help but was unable to explain why. In addition, she implied that my son was not fit to be in third grade but more first grade. My replied was that I did not agree with her statements and wanted a retest of his abilities by someone else in my presence. I requested the principal to call me but got nowhere until I walked in the school 2 days later and asked for the principal in person. At this point, I wanted all conversations documented and decided to email all my concerns to Mr. Hiser and copy Mr. Gegenheimer.

On Nov. 30, we finally have the testing. Mr. Gegenheimer took the time to be present, which at the time I thought was good. I came to find out that Mr. Gegenheimer was only there to ensure I stopped bringing out into the open the issues mentioned above. He threatened me with calling DCFS if my son is left after school hours and that he would send me a bill if it happened to pay for any overtime he needed to pay. To this agree, since of course all kids, including mine should be picked up on time. My concern is that my son mentioned to me that during the 2 occasions that has happened there have been at least 3 other kids with him and that he was not the last one to be picked up. This statement was used in retaliation for expressing concerns about the school my son is in.

I would never allow any school official to threaten my family in any way. And as a parent have the right to question anything that seems out of the ordinary or discriminatory. There are more details to the story which I am not able to add. After the conversation with the superintendent today I would be seeking legal advise.

Address: 400 COADY DR - Illinois, GRUNDY Phone: 815-467-2261

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