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Teacher: Wilton Anderson

Touching a student is not a joke!!!!

Teacher Complaint About: Potomac High - Wilton Anderson

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 11

Occur date: Mar 22 2017
Post date: Aug 17 2017, 08:25:36 AM

Teacher Complaint: Wilton Anderson - Potomac High

That day our schedule was more different than usual because of testing. I had three hours in the morning with Mr.Anderson. I was working on a Benchmark review packet that Mr.Anderson had given us after we finished all of our work. We had only had maybe... 45 minutes left class left when I remembered about some math work I had due next class. I decided to quickly finish that up while I also worked on the review packet Mr.Anderson had given us. While Mr.Anderson was walking around he caught me doing my math work and began to raise his voice at me more than a teacher should. He took away all of my math supplies and asked what math teacher I had. Afterwards he kept walking around the classroom and every time he passed by me he would just glare at me. Later he questioned what was wrong with my attitude even though I was just sitting there. Then I decided to answer and say that I don't think it was such a big deal that I was just doing math work and that he took the situation more serious than it really was. After arguing with him, he then went to his desk and got all of my math supplies he had taken and came up behind me. He then pulled my hair hard enough so that I couldn't even put my head up without it hurting. While with his hand still pulling my hair, with the other hand he had my supplies in, he hit my face. Being a normal human being, when he turned around I got the supplies he placed on my desk and attempted to hit him but stopped because I thought it was a bad idea. Although I stopped he happened to see me and said, " You wanna fight huh?" I just sat back down in my desk while I watched him take off his belt and wave in front of my face, acting like he was gonna fight me. Have in mind, during this whole time I was not laughing......

A few days later my friends convinced me to tell my guidance counselor about this (Ms. Thomas I believe). After going to her and explaining what happened to her, she told me that the security had to be notified about this and I have to fill out a report. After filling out the report and waiting, a security guard came in with a very bad mood and kept saying he had a million other problems to deal with and wanted to get this 'misunderstanding' over with fast. After being surprised about his attitude he then told me that he has Mr.Anderson outside waiting and thought it would be over faster to bring Mr.Anderson in to talk since he saw him in the hallway. Mind you, this whole time I'm just thinking that I just wanna maybe get my class changed and receive an apology....but of course not. Mr.Anderson then comes in the office and sits next to me, with the security guard right in front of us and the guidance counselor at her desk. The security guard then asks me what happened and I explain everything(while Mr.Anderson interrupts with a lot of grunts and scoffs). Then he asks Mr.Anderson and admits to doing all things I said except claiming that it was just a joke and nothing more. The security guard then tells me that there is nothing more to this story and that it was just a 'joke' and there was no malicious intent involved. Shortly after they leave, the guidance counselor sends me a pass back to class and while walking back to class I bump into Mr.Anderson while he continues to laugh behind me.

After this incident, I got moved out of his class and nothing more was made of this incident. I believe that this situation was treated poorly considering a teacher laid their hands on a student. I wasn't the only one, he also put a kid in a choke hold in the middle of class. Throughout the next months, I told a few of my close teachers (one being the criminal justice teacher) and they all were surprised that this situation was not taken to the principle and that Mr.Anderson did not receive any sort of punishment. I like to think of this incident like how a bully bullies his victims.The bully and his friends laugh at the victim while the victim is not laughing at all. It surprises me that these kind of adults are teaching the future of this country... it's really sad. I wonder how he would react if his daughter's school called him saying that a male teacher hit his daughter.

P.S.. I had my daughter wright this story out to be told in more detail.

Address: 3401 FOUR YEAR TRAIL - Virginia, PRINCE WILLIAM Phone: 703-441-4200

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