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Teacher: Principal Caudle

Toxic Principal

Teacher Complaint About: Benjamin J Martin Elem - Principal Caudle

North Carolina, CUMBERLAND
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Oct 08 2018
Post date: Oct 08 2018, 08:12:43 PM

Teacher Complaint: Principal Caudle - Benjamin J Martin Elem

This morning the principal of Ben Martin was walking the hallways and came across a room where the teacher was not standing in the doorway monitoring the hallways. She was tending to a student within her classroom, presumably helping them get ready for the day. The principal then stops and stares at this teacher, who is doing her job, and stands in the doorway until she notices him. When she turns to say good morning he begins to openly scold her with his voice raised in front of the students, other parents, and staff. I'm at least 50 feet from him and can clearly hear him threatening to fire her and put her name on list barring her from teaching at any other school in the district because she wasn't standing in the doorway. We are in a military town where many military spouses are teachers, who don't always need to work, with a major shortage of teachers. If this is a daily occurrence he will drive away the teachers we so desperately need. If the principal is treating teachers like trash, then that makes me wonder how he feels about all the students he is responsible for and what his drive is in his career path; money and power or love of learning and duty.

Address: 430 N REILLY ROAD - North Carolina, CUMBERLAND Phone: 910-864-4843

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