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Florida International University

Teacher: Cecile Houry

Unfair Grading & Unprofessional Behavior

Teacher Complaint About: Florida International University - Cecile Houry

Grade: N/A - Bus:

Occur date: May 01 2017
Post date: Jan 02 2018, 01:49:54 AM

Teacher Complaint: Cecile Houry - Florida International University

Professor Cecile Houry taught IDH 3035 - U14 Honors Seminar VI at Florida International University.

Everyone in the class received an A except me. I should have received an A in the class.

The professor was not transparent in grading at all. The professor never informed students of what percentage they had in the class. She never posted any grades in BlackBoard. The professor never gave back assignments. The professor did not factor in homework into my grade for this semester. There were three homework assignments that the team did that were not credited. Instead, the professor raised participation to 5% of the grade. She intentionally did this to negatively impact my grade. The syllabus indicated that Attendance, Homework, and Participation made up 10% of the grade, so each one individually were supposed to be worth 3.33% of the grade.

The professor has also made a conflicting statement. She said “I can assure you that the grade you obtain does not come from anything you wrote on the final assessment.” In her newest email, she stated “10 pts for assessment. You obtained 9 pts here, mostly because you did not fully answer question 14.” This means that she has reduced my grade by 1 percent for what I wrote on the final. On question 14, the directions were “14. What grade (A to F) would you assign to each member of your group? The grades cannot be the same and reflect the person’s overall work for the project (participation, work, motivation, accomplishments, reliability, time commitment, etc.) for the spring semester.” I assigned everyone a grade based on these criteria. The question never asked for an explanation. Had the instructions said to, I would have done so. Other students did provide an explanation, because she has done this exercise in the past and has required an explanation. In addition, I don’t think that was justification for removing an entire percentage from my grade. Finally, it doesn’t make sense to deduct 1 point if every question is weighted equally. There are 14 questions that make up
10% of the grade, I should have received at least 9.2% of the points if I didn’t answer the question at all. If I received half credit, then I would have gotten 9.6/10 points. But, again, there were no directions saying to write an explanation and the assignment was never explained in class.

This professor has graded me unfairly compared to other students. Dr. Houry grades based on favoritism. When I asked her to explain my grade, her responses were vague. She didn't release the exact breakdown of my grade until July of 2017. I ended up at a 92%. One percent away from an A.

In one of her emails, the professor stated “Grades also reflect participation, both in class and in the project. Your contribution this semester was not optimal and this is why you obtained A-.” This
statement precludes her from taking points off from anywhere else except #1 in course grading. Participation is directly mentioned only in category #1. However, in her newest email she has taken
points off from category #5. Category #5 is listed as a Team Grade. Therefore, everyone should have received the same grade. For category #5, it states “You will be graded based on your efforts, originality,the methods you used, and the outcome of your project.” The syllabus doesn’t define who “You” is. It’s in team category, therefore, it should be the team’s efforts.

On April 17th, the professor referenced the syllabus as a reason to cancel class less than two hours before we had class. This made me ineligible to compete for any participation points that day. This has affected adversely, my ability to satisfy academic expectations, as I can’t participate if there is no class. On the syllabus, April 3 rd and April 17th have the same agenda. Therefore, if there was no class on April 17th, then there shouldn’t have been class on April 3rd . Because we had class on April 3rd , we should have
had class on April 17th . The only day on the syllabus that says no class is January 16th (MLK Day). This class is a 3-credit class that met on Monday from 3:00pm-5:45pm. This means that missing one class is the equivalent to missing three classes of a Monday/Wednesday/Friday class. Everyone in the class was confused as to why we did not have class that day, as we has class on April 3 rd.

Now, the professor has been engaging in unprofessional conduct. I have already mentioned that she canceled class. That class could have been spent explaining the Final Exam, as absolutely no details
were provided other than what was on the sheet. Besides not hosting class, the professor has arrived late to class, has left class early, and has brought children to class. The maximum amount of children the professor had in the class were three. Two small toddlers and a baby. The professor used class time to
take the children on a bathroom break. Time that could have been spent providing more opportunities for participation. On several occasions, the professor has left class well before 5:45pm, expecting us to stay and finish our work. The professor cannot be evaluating participation if the professor leaves class
early and does not show up to class.

The professor has declined to meet with me. The professor has declined to look at the Google Drive which has all of the work that we have done for this project. I insisted that the professor look at the Google Drive to see all of the work that I have done as it is all logged on my email address.

The professor has answered my questions regarding grading vaguely. Some of my questions, she has ignored.

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