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Teacher: Deborah Gongora

Unfair Student Scoring and Bad Teacher Behavior

Teacher Complaint About: Sierra Vista High - Deborah Gongora

California, LOS ANGELES
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 12

Occur date: Oct 31 2017
Post date: Oct 31 2017, 05:22:32 PM

Teacher Complaint: Deborah Gongora - Sierra Vista High

Teacher allowed students to grade each other's work. She recorded the score without even investigating if the score students gave each other was fair. She add other requirements not mentioned by her nor the questions. It was a set of question we had to answer. I understand that we must answer in a complete sentence. However, I do not understand why the way we answer matters. I could see that the answer I answered was close enough to the answer by the teacher. When I raised the issue of score not being fair, she did not care. I am so upset about her behavior. I understand that she prefers the old fashioned way of learning, I have been trying to get used to it. However, I never seemed to get along with her. Another upsetting situation happened when we were analyzing a speech as a soliloquy. We are in the modern society, thus we should be able to use technology to type the soliloquy in, analyze it and glue it later into the notebook. However, she demanded that we copy the soliloquy word by word, leaving spaces to analyze. I request that she try to reason more with students and not just thinking that she is the oldest and students must do what ever she says.

Address: 3600 N. FRAZIER ST. - California, LOS ANGELES Phone: 626-960-7741

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