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Teacher: Matthew Harrelson

Unfair Treatment and Harassment

Teacher Complaint About: Hudson High School - Matthew Harrelson

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 10

Occur date: Mar 14 2019
Post date: Mar 14 2019, 08:33:58 PM

Teacher Complaint: Matthew Harrelson - Hudson High School

So I've been in Matthew's class for three quarters now and so far he is a massive creep, bully, and he has mad prejudices. There are so many examples here are the biggest ones. (Oh yeah, I have so little respect for him that I just call him Matthew when I'm not within earshot of him)
1. MASSIVE favoritism. I'm in a class with a couple of the smarter kids in my grade, and he loves them. It doesn't matter what I say or do, even if it is right or not, he will always side with them. He gives them leniency in just about everything that they do, letting them do whatever they want without fear of getting one of his many detentions. The girls are also basically just immune to most things to, getting away with talking basically all class.
2. Detentions are a joke to him. He couldn't care less about giving people detention, usually handing out one a week under normal circumstances. This also ties into my previous point, where he won't give his favorites detentions. For example, one of those guys, his favorite, asked me to check his work, so I looked and it and corrected it, quietly telling him what was wrong and I got a detention, not him. And he talked way more that I did that day.
3. He's a creep. Whenever he calls someone up to the board to do work, he just stares at their asses. The whole time. Every time. They know it too, everyone in the class does. But he just keeps on doing it.
4. He's so inconsistent. He'll give a detention for one thing and then the next day he won't give a detention for that exact thing. This happens to often, it drives me crazy. As an example, two of my friends, both guys and not the super smart guys, are lab partners and one day they forget to lock their lab drawer after a lab and they got a detention for it. However, previously, there was another lab group who also forgot the same thing, but this time the group is a guy and a girl, one of the one he creeps on, and they got off with out any punishment whatsoever. It isn't just that too, any group with a girl in it basically gets a free pass on those kinds on detentions too.
5. He's just a bully sometimes. So one of my friends is basically Matthew's student ever. He does whatever he wants, including calling the other smart kid a weird and annoying version of his name. And Matthew copies it even though the guy doesn't like it when he does it. Also, I was joking around with that same guy, making fun of his project that he didn't do the way that we were supposed to. So my comment was basically, "Eww, look at this." And then here comes Matthew, waltzing in retorting with, "Eww, look it's (insert my name here)." Everyone in the room looked at him with shock and disgust, except the smart kid, since no teacher should ever say something so obviously showing favoritism in front of the whole class.
Now, I could go on for paragraphs and paragraphs with example, but it would be to time consuming to write all of that down and my hands would cramp way to much.
But seriously, this really just needs to stop, it's getting way to far out of hand and it just straight up needs to stop ASAP.
I'm sorry to any of Matthew's future students who have to deal with him for a year like so many unlucky students have had to.

Address: 2500 HUDSON AURORA RD - Ohio, SUMMIT Phone: 330-653-1416

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